What does the JBA do?

The JBA's main goal is to partner with our members to create and maintain a profitable environment in which their services are valued by their customers. We therefore work closely with government representatives/policy makers to influence the regulations and laws which affect the banking industry, and keep our members informed about how developments may affect their businesses. We seek to provide information that will position consumers to make better financial decisions, through public education campaigns about the nature and benefits of the products and services offered by the industry.

The JBA also:

  • Promotes the interests of the Banking industry locally and internationally
  • Provides a forum for our members to agree on issues of common interest
  • Awards scholarships and gives financial assistance to individuals whose service is an asset to the JBA
  • Offers training opportunities for persons employed in the banking industry
  • Assists in the development of codes for the standard of conduct of local banking
  • Conducts research and make recommendations on the request of government or private organizations
  • Improves and develops security (protocols/policies?) for the Banking Industry


Some of our on-going initiatives include:

  • Consultation with authorities about changes to the Banking and Financial Institution Act and regulations on Money Laundering
  • Advising on best practices when opening an account
  • Promoting the development of standards relating to banking regulations and transactions